Thursday September 18, 2017


MISSION:  To support the Haldane school by providing the organizational framework for parental involvement, to serve as an outlet for creative community input, and offer enriching experiences for students and their families.

President Welcome and overview - Diana Hird

What is our vision for the PTA going forward?

Create Community Initiative: Enhance collaboration and relationships between teachers and parents (Sept 25 Meeting)

One Campus Initiative: Create connection between upperclasses and younger students (STEM example)

Project-by-project volunteer initiative

How are we already relevant?

Existing Programs: Garden, Chess, Learning Differences, Enrichment, Writer/Artist in Resident

New Programs: Come to us with ideas 

Administrative Support for the School

New Website: keeping it simple and accessible

Paperless PTA Initiative

Forms, Registrations, Membership, Meeting Agendas, Minutes (for review and vote)

Welcome New/Returning Executive Committee Members

·       Vice President Middle School- Giannina Cappello

·       Vice President HIgh School- Jennifer Ehrenspeck Sporbert

·       Treasurer- Makiko Parsons

·       Corresponding Secretary- Julisa Rincon Tomizawa

·       Recording Secretary- Alex Dubroff


Welcome Statements from Administration/Board of Education/Faculty Representative


            Mr. Wallick - Elementary School Principal

Evelyn Carr from Haldane School Foundation      

Dr. Bowers, Mrs. Sniffen and Mrs. Seelke and Jenn Daly will attend October meeting.

Adopt Prior meeting Minutes (review, motion to adopt, seconded, vote, adopt)


Finance Report & Fundraising

  • Finance Report – Makiko Parsons


Introduction/ Mention of Committee Chairs

  • Kristina DiGiglio & Gina Swan (Hospitality/Events)

  • Eileen Denehy (ES VP, ABC, Class Parents and Book Fair)

  • Cindy Cohen Hutchison (ES Enrichment)

  • Lourdes Laifer (HS Enrichment, Honor Society Volunteering, Membership)

  • Maeve Eng-Wong and Kory Reisterer (Learning Differences)

  • Sandy McKelvey (Garden, Farm to School)


Volunteer Needs and Descriptions:

  • Book Fair

  • Harvest Festival- 11am to 3pm: Coordinator- Julisa Rincon-Tomizawa

    • invitation to brainstorming session Sept 25 3:30 HS Library​

  • What is the Laminating Crew?

  • Babysitting for Events

  • Registration and organization of extracurricular programs.

    • Outreach to potential teachers

    • Organize class schedules

    • Registration process

  • Special Events/Hospitality: planning, set-up and hosting.  Includes refreshments for regular events and meetings.

  • Isolated projects with different time commitments.

Next Public Meeting will take place on October 19 at 3:30pm at the Middle School Library.

·       Special welcome of teachers to the PTA

·       Update on October 22 Fall Harvest Festival Planning

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