Committee Descriptions

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Book Fairs

In cooperation with Scholastic Books, the PTA sponsors fall and spring book fairs for the Elementary & Middle Schools. The book fairs serve both as fundraisers and as opportunities to bring students quality books at reduced cost.  The committee is responsible for coordinating with the book vendor and running the book-selling event over several days.  Committee members set up and break down the displays and serve as cashiers.  


Class Parents

The Class Parents Committee coordinates Class Parents, who are liaisons between classrooms and parents, assisting teachers with such tasks as the organization of class parties, special projects, field trips and Kindergarten snack rotations. Class Parents, with the Hospitality Committee, may solicit refreshment donations for events such as Kindergarten orientation, Curriculum Nights and Staff Appreciation Day. Two or three Class Parents are assigned to each Elementary classroom and Middle School and High School grade at the beginning of the school year.


Haldane A-B-C

The goal of this committee is to create a safe learning school climate free of bullying and intolerance by providing a voice for parents, educators, and students concerned with these issues, advocating for anti-bullying policies and practices, and promoting inclusion and tolerance. The committee plans and runs at least one event per year.


Elementary Enrichment

Each fall and spring, the Elementary Enrichment Committee offers a selection of after-school enrichment classes. Offerings vary from session to session. Past programs have included chess club, language instruction, fitness, painting, and yoga. 


Exploratory Clubs (Middle School)

This enrichment program for middle school students offers a growing selection of education-enhancing club activities. Offerings vary from session to session. Past programs have included sculpture, cooking, board games, and yoga. Clubs are led by local instructors and Haldane teachers.


High School Enrichment

Each fall and spring, a selection of after-school enrichment classes if offered for High School students. Offerings vary from session to session. Past programs have included ping pong, debate, cooking, art, mindfulness, and pottery.



Get Out the Vote

The Get Out the Vote Committee communicates to the public when there are important elections to be held at the school, including budget votes, Board of Education seats and special elections.  We believe that maximum participation in our elections benefits everyone.  


Giving Tree

The Giving Tree Committee collects gifts for the needy in our community each December.  Committee members create and circulate flyers, set up and collect donation boxes and coordinate with the local Lion’s Club for gift distribution. 



The Heartfelt Committee offers aid to students and their families who may be suffering due to illness, death, or other family crises.  Committee members organize meal donations and other courtesies to assist those in need. 



The Hospitality Committee provides refreshments for various school functions, including Kindergarten Orientation, Curriculum Nights, Staff Appreciation Day and PTA public meetings.  Committee members staff events, ensuring that tables and refreshments are set up and cleared away.  For some events, members coordinate with Class Parents to solicit food and drink donations.  



The Laminating Committee provides laminating services to the Elementary School to preserve some of our children’s delicate schoolwork.  Volunteers are needed to operate a simple laminating machine in the Elementary School once or twice a month, between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. 


Learning Differences

This joint committee between the PTAs of Haldane and GUFS gives parents, teachers, and administrators a forum in which to partner around identifying and supporting learning issues that are common in our communities. The Learning Differences committee creates opportunities to gather and discuss current research and best practices and hopes to develop a database of resources about learning differences and facilitate training for parents and staff in areas of identified need. We are committed to supporting [REPLACE WITH: THE COMMITTEE SUPPORTS families and children with learning differences, including children who may be gifted in some areas yet struggle in others; and to fostering  (REPLACE WITH “FOSTERS”) strong partnerships between parents and educators to support respectful and program-enhancing dialogues within the schools and the communities. 


Marquee Updates

This committee keeps current the information on the elementary playground marquee. 



The Membership Committee collects membership applications and dues as well as maintains membership records, occasionally staffing tables at PTA events. 



Parents as Reading Partners is a PTA-sponsored K-5 program that encourages reading and literacy-based activities for students and their families. Participating children and parents read together, keep a reading log, and pursue reading-based activities at home. Other PARP-related events, including talks with visiting authors, help bring out the fun in reading and educate our community on the importance of literacy. 



“Reflections” is a national PTA program designed to enhance arts education for students in grades 5-12.  Students are invited to submit projects in response to an annually announced theme in any of six arts areas: literature, choreography, film/video production, musical composition, photography and the visual arts.  Reflections Committee members guide students in their projects and judge student entries at the local level.


Staff Appreciation

The Staff Appreciation Committee, working together with the Haldane School Foundation to organize Staff Appreciation Week. Our way of thanking faculty and staff for all they do for our children throughout the school year.  Volunteers are needed to solicit food donations, shop, decorate, help set up, and clean up on the day of the events.



Student Directory

The Student Directory Committee creates and distributes lists of student/family contact information free-of-charge to parents, administrators, and staff. The directory is created in September and distributed in October. Committee members collect and assemble data and proofread the directory.


Sustainable Garden

The Garden Committee maintains the Sustainable Garden on the grounds of Haldane which students help tend. Gardening is integrated into the curriculum and helps students learn about indigenous plants, cultivation, water conservation, composting, and other environmental concepts. 

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