Haldane PTA

Public Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2017

Music Room


In Attendance: Julisa Rincon Tomizawa (President), Alex Dubroff (Corresponding Secretary), Jennifer Ehrenspeck Sporbert (Recording Secretary),Lourdes Laifer (HS VP),  Eileen Denehy (Elementary VP), Maureen O’Brien (Treasurer), Kory Riesterer, Diana Hird, Lara Eldin, Lori Isler, Julia Sniffen, Brent Harrington, Maria Gregorio, Carol Filmanski, Sandy McKelvey, Mindy Krazmien, Peggy Clements, Anthony Showah, Catherine Scorocca.


(Quorum met)


The meeting began at 3:38 pm with recitation of the mission statement read by PTA President Julisa Rincon Tomizawa. Copies of the meetings agenda were circulated, as well as the sign in sheet.


Mission: To support the Haldane school by providing the organizational framework for parental involvement, to serve as an outlet for creative community input, and to offer enriching experiences for our students and their families.


Finance report was given by Maureen O’Brien- she stated that the current total for Amazon for the 2016-17 school year was $716.00. The PTA slightly exceeded budget income goals for the year and came in under budget for expense. All requests for expense reimbursement for this year must be received prior to June 30th.


PTA Committee Chair who are stepping down:

  • Elementary Enrichment Chair- Cindy Cohen Hutchinson will be stepping down. We will need to find a new committee chair to fill her seat.

  • Book Fair Chair- Melany Campanile will step down as our book fair chair, without a chair we will no longer have a book fair. We need to recruit a volunteer to chair this committee.

  • PARP-Mindy Krazmien is moving out of district so she will no longer be with the PARP team.

  • Laminating Committee- Mary Dwyer and Jane O’Malley are graduating and will no longer be able to serve on the laminating committee. We need to find replacements for this committee


PTA Committee Updates:

Garden Committee-  Kory stated that we know have a 3 sister’s bed. She thanked Mr. Wick for building the posts. Kory mentioned that the 4th grade garden club will take care of and harvest the garden during the summer months and possibly sell some fresh grown Haldane produce at the Cold Spring Farmers Market.


Learning Differences Committee- the 6th graders finished their projects this morning. The Learning Differences Committee throughout the year could not have spoken more highly of their group. Kory thanked the administration and the PTA for their support.


Appoint/Reappoint PTA Executive Board 2017-2018

President- Diana Hird

Vice President Elementary School- Eileen Denehy

Vice President Middle School- Giannina Cappello

Vice President HIgh School- Jennifer Ehrenspeck Sporbert

Treasurer- Makiko Parsons

Corresponding Secretary- Julisa Rincon Tomizawa

Recording Secretary- Alex Dubroff


Vote was put to floor, vote was unanimous and a round of congratulations were exchanged.


Thank you to the Retirees and Farewell to Mr. Harrington

Because Mr. Harrington was so important and integral to the garden the PTA and Garden Committee have dedicated the west garden gate to him and have named it “Harrington Archway”. There will be two climbing rose bushes planted in memory of Jean Cendali and Carol Filmanski. We welcome them back when it comes time to plant.

Several members of the staff and parents spoke of Mr. Harrington’s numerous contributions to Haldane since his arrival.

The meeting ended at 4:03  with refreshments served in the cafeteria.

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