Grades K-2, Tuesdays

Through yoga and mindfulness, “mindfulness in motion”, kids will become aware of the relationship between their mind and body. Students will learn mindfulness strategies and yoga poses that can help improve self-awareness, compassion, focus, sleep, decision making and decrease stress and anxiety. Each class kids will participate in an activity/project that demonstrates how the mindfulness technique/movement can be used in daily life. Classes will combine books, art and song to make learning and practicing yoga and mindfulness fun and entertaining.

Mindfulness In Motion: Yoga and Mindfulness for kids

  • My name is Sammy Smith Coleman. My family and I moved to Cold Spring from Brooklyn last Summer. I’m a licensed social worker with a focus on geriatrics and end of life care. Last Spring I completed a 6 week training on teaching mindfulness to children at a meditation center in the city called The Interdependence Project. Last Fall I completed an additional training on teaching yoga and mindfulness to kids. I’ve taught kids yoga and mindfulness at Ascend Studio in Cold Spring and mindfulness as an enrichment class at my daughters public school in Brooklyn. I am a parent of a Haldane second grader and a soon to be Haldane Kindergartener. I’m really looking forward to teaching enrichment at Haldane.