Grades 3-5, Thursdays

Students will be offered the opportunity to explore the styles and techniques of some of the world’s great artists through highly expressive, hands on activities. While creating their own art, students will learn about the achievements of these artists and develop an appreciation for what they hoped to communicate to our world. Art media will include printmaking, paint, pastels, and more!

Mini Masterpieces with Jill Losee

  • Jill has had the privilege of teaching art to children in elementary and middle school for over 20 years, and holds a Master of Arts degree in Art Education from The Rhode Island School of Design. Additionally, she hold a permanent New York State Teaching certificate in art. Jill has taught art in public schools, private schools, and in after school programs. As an art teacher, she strives to create an environment where every child can find success and feel a sense of fulfillment through the process of creating.