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September 30, 2017




It is too hard to choose one title! Today I'll focus on a new favorite of mine in the Elementary School Library.

Not all of the books I love involve gardening, but this one does. Two Old Potatoes and Me is by John Coy, with engaging art by Carolyn Fisher. This tale of a girl and her father growing dozens of delicious potatoes from the gross remnants of old spuds echoes a subtler plot of the child adjusting to her parents' divorce. Each page has art that draws you in as the text wraps around the growing potato plants, the girl and her father.

This book can be enjoyed by all elementary students. Younger ones will be drawn in by the story and artwork. Older students will grasp the deeper themes of change, growth and new beginnings.


Carolyn Llewellyn, Elementary School Librarian

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