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November 29, 2017







I devoured this book when I was twelve.  After reading it, I dreamt about leaving home, befriending animals and "making it" on my own in the woods. My son read this when he was eight and also loved it!


"Parents need to know that My Side of the Mountain, Jean Craighead George's classic novel about a teen boy who leaves New York City's crowds and noise to live a solitary life in the Catskills, is an unusual but inspiring story of wilderness survival. Though it's difficult to imagine many parents encouraging their teenagers to leave home and live off the land, Sam displays impressive resourcefulness and self confidence, making him an inspiring role model. His refreshing disregard for material things and the way he welcomes the hard work of subsisting in the wild are exemplary and eye-opening." Click here for more..





Alex Dubroff, MOM to two awesome kids and PTA President.







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