Children's needs don't disappear from year to year, and we cannot fund schools as if they do.

February 27, 2018


While Governor Cuomo's 2018-19 Executive Budget allocates $338 million as an increase in Foundation Aid, $317 million for expenses based aid and $64 million in unallocated school aid through the Fiscal Stabilization Fund, this is far short of the $2 billion school aid increase our kids need.


Please contact your state assemblymember, state senator and Governor Cuomo, and add your voice to NYS PTA's call for a $2 billion school aid increase, to include:


  • $1.5 billion to continue current school services; and

  • $500 million to address priorities including (1) support for struggling schools, (2) support for English Language Learners, (3) expansion of college and career pathways and Career and Technical Education programs, (4) pre-K expansion, (5) teacher professional development, and (6) support for school districts with growing enrollment.



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